Does Fitness = Health?

12 Sep

Are you really healthy? How can you tell if your fitness levels really mean you are healthy? To be honest, there are many who aren’t too sure whether they are actually healthy because while they are working out, they don’t feel healthy! It might sound strange to a lot of people but the truth is that fitness doesn’t always equal health, especially when your fitness isn’t at its peak. How can you tell if you are really healthy? Does fitness equal health?

What Do You Eat?

First of all, you might workout and are working on your fitness but if your diet consists of poor foods, you aren’t technically healthy. Despite what you might think, people can get into shape, lose weight and have better fitness levels than ever before but when they still consume the wrong foods, they aren’t doing any good for their health. For instance, when you work-out and work on your fitness but still eat a lot of fatty foods that isn’t going to help your health, especially your heart. What you eat can have a major impact as to how healthy you really are. Fitness doesn’t always equal health because when you consume fatty, salt and high sugar foods, you are doing your health an injustice.

What Shape is Your Health in?

Also, you have to think about your health in general. Do you have certain medical conditions which might affect your health? For a lot of people, they have minor health conditions and that is stopping them from reaching their full potential. It isn’t just about the foods we eat in which determines how healthy we are—it’s our general health and any underlying medical conditions. Of course, if you don’t have any health issues and are eating fairly decent you have every possibility of having good fitness levels and good health too.

Fitness Can Equal Health When You Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

When you have a poor lifestyle and make poor lifestyle choices it’s unlikely you’ll be the healthiest you can be. Remember, being fit is good but exercising, eating the right foods and staying active will make a real difference to your health. Having a healthy lifestyle and practicing a healthy lifestyle will help your overall health. This can mean cutting out smoking, alcohol and just being a little more active. These things matter so while fitness is good it doesn’t always bring good health. That is why you absolutely have to think about what you can do to make small changes for the best.

Get Healthier

Fitness is something everyone should focus on but that alone won’t mean you’re healthy. Health means eating the best and healthy foods as well as remaining active and exercising. There is a real need right now to become healthier and there are many simple things that can be done to achieve it too. Yes, healthy lifestyles may appear boring and yet they really help in many ways. Your health should be a top priority. Take good care of yourself and your body will look after you too.